The English Democrats
Letting Monmouthshire       
So, why are the English Democrats standing for Monmouthshire in the Welsh Assembly Elections?

Simple, English Democrats believe in democracy, and in the collective will of the people – and Monmouthshire’s collective will has been appallingly ignored for the past 35 years by successive governments. Whatever kipper-tied blue sky thinkers of the ‘70’s may have thought, Monmouthshire has traditionally been regarded as an English county for hundreds of years - Click here to view a map of Monmouthshire in 1901 - and note the position of the border. The county is clearly within England.

Monmouth should not have been absorbed into Wales simply on the whim of a government jobsworth and the stroke of a cartographer’s pen, as confirmed by the Ordnance Survey here without consulting the people of Monmouthshire!.

It was the Heath government which in 1972 decided to cede Monmouthshire to Wales. It was the Heath government which schemed to get the relevant legislation onto the statute book during a poorly attended, late night parliamentary debate. It was the Heath government which gave away one of England’s traditional counties to Wales – without even asking the people of Monmouthshire! The English Democrats aim to right that wrong.Once elected to the Welsh Assembly, English Democrats AMs will campaign tirelessly for a referendum for the people of Monmouthshire. The question needing to be answered is: do you wish to be welcomed back to your true and historic homeland of England?

Click here to download our Letting Monmouthshire Decide campaign leaflet.

Letter to the Monmouthshire Beacon from ED ABRAMS, prospective Welsh Assembly Candidate for the English Democrats.